Why outsource your fulfillment services?

If your company or organization lacks sufficient logistics management, it might be time to consider using the services of a third party like Flexible Fulfillment Services. Whether you have a physical or virtual storefront, your order fulfillment and warehousing capacity can measurably affect your bottom line.

 When to think about it.

If you have outgrown your fulfillment and warehousing capacity—or if you’re looking for at a third-party fulfillment for the first time—you’ll know the time is right if:
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  • You’re expending valuable man hours on fulfillment problem solving
  • You’ve outgrown your current shipping, order processing and delivery systems
  • Your senior staff consumes too much effort on staffing and warehousing requirements


And if you’re a small or new company, do you find yourself saying: “I’m selling all this product and now I have to ship it. Where do I start? Or, do you find yourself muttering to yourself, “I work hard all day to market and sell my stuff, now I have to pack it and go stand in line at the Post Office!”

If you find yourself or your company facing such a dilemma, it is time to consider fulfillment outsourcing.

Outsourcing helps you.

An independent fulfillment provider may help you realize great benefit by consigning your delivery, order processing and shipping needs to a company that specializes in this highly complicated and labor-intensive process. Order fulfillment companies are, efficient at expert fulfillment processes. In other words, you and your company no longer need to worry about when and how you get your products to your customers. Fulfillment providers, like FFS, ensure that your customers’ orders are processed and delivered as if they came directly from you.

 Is it worth it?

The costs of outsourcing your fulfillment needs compares very favorably to the peace of mind it gives you because your orders and handled accurately and professionally. The costs associated with accepting inventory, storage, warehouse staff, training and labor, order processing and shipping can be formidable. When you consider all the costs, outsourcing is often an affordable alternative to doing it all yourself.

Third party fulfillment services ship directly to your customers, using your invoices and other materials. It makes an impression on them, that you provide them a great product, great service, and ship to them. This makes for a favorable impression on your customers, which increases the chances that they will return. This is good.

It’s all about energy.

Moreover, with your fulfillment needs now met, you can focus on building your business from the front of the store, and turn your attention and energy to marketing that touts your message, increases public awareness of your product and company, and expands your footprint in the marketplace.